Brisket Boy BBQ

Passion + Skill = Great BBQ

The Brisket Boy Story

I get asked this all the time, how did Brisket Boy get its start and name?  Well, I’ve been smoking meat and bbq’ing for a long, long time using a charcoal smoker.  Sometime around 2009, I bought my first Traeger smoker and really started to get after it.  I was making my own rubs; trying different techniques… it was a fun time!  I would make food and just give it to people, just to get some feedback.   One day, I showed up at my brother’s house with a slab of brisket in tow.  When I came through the front door, he shouted, “BRISKET BOY!!!”  As my wife and I drove off, she looked at me and said if I ever start a business doing bbq that should be the name!  

Another layer of the story is pretty straight forward.  On a cow, the brisket is the most used muscle.  It is the hardest cut of meat to cook correctly.  I take immense pride in being able to bbq these with consistency and fantastic flavor whether I smoke a one off or 20 at once.  I love making it, and my attention to detail in preparing brisket carries over to everything that I bbq.  

Now?  I might utilize a Treager or Green Mountain Smoker, but what I love to smoke on is my wood fired trailer.  Nothing beats cooking with local woods like apple or cherry.  Does it take more work?  Absolutely. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  Try making 10 briskets and 10 pork shoulders at the same time, getting them done at the same time on the clock!  It is a dance, and I love to get down!  Like my tag line says… Passion + Skill = Great BBQ!

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Why Brisket Boy?

To me, great bbq happens when the meat is the focus of each bite you take.  If someone takes a bite and says, “That’s some great sauce!” I believe the pitmaster has failed.  My theory is to put a great rub on the meat that will highlight the natural flavor of the cut.  My rubs are fresh and natural, with no fillers like silica or MSG. Pork ribs should taste like pork.  Brisket should taste like beef.  Pulled pork?  Yup!  Pork!  I serve sauce on the side with my bbq.  No shame in liking sauce, but I always ask people to try the meat first without the sauce.

My sides?  I’ve formulated sides that complement the meat.  

The biggest reason?  Me! You will have bbq prepared by a man who is fun, energetic, personable, passionate and skillful.  I love to BBQ and it shows.  It is not just BBQ… it is an event!

You. Will. Be. Joyful.


Have an event planned and need some help with food?  Please feel free to consider Brisket Boy for some fantastic bbq!  I can either BBQ on site, deliver or make the food available for pick-up.  Me?  I prefer to get it done on-site. Nothing beats fresh bbq!

Tailgate party?  Yes, I will gladly travel to a Duck or Beaver game… or any other game or event!

Game day party?  Absolutely. Nothing better than great bbq and big game or fight night!  

Wedding?  Yes! These are fun to do… people LOVE a good wedding reception.

Corporate event?  Yes, I’d love to serve your business, just for fun or even a Holiday party.  Employees love a catered bbq!

Family reunion? Yep! Why do the stale pot-luck?  Have amazing bbq instead!  People will actually be excited to go!

Block party? Oh yeah… talk about making it fun and letting people relax and enjoy themselves!

Can I just do meat?  Absolutely. There is no shame in ordering up a bunch of bbq!

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No one likes being hungry! Contact us below, or give us a call at 503-320-1584 and we’d be glad to discuss your next event!

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